Cultural policy Regional

The Professional Association of Visual Arts Bremen sees itself as part of the network of the liberal arts in Bremen.

At the state level, the association is continuously involved in the following concerns:

  • “Corona aid”
  • Exhibition remuneration / payment for artistic services
  • Increase of municipal project and subsidy funds
  • Affordable studio space
  • Professionalization
  • Initiation and continuation of regional to international funding programs (currently: Worpswede and Paris scholarships)
  • Revitalization/funding of the Art in Public Spaces program
  • Implementation of the program/application of the Art in Public Spaces guideline
  • Commitment to a binding and transparent process for public art/art-within-architecture
  • Represent the professional interests, among other things, with regard to the economic situation and social security vis-à-vis politics and administration
  • Initiation and continuation of professionalization programs (studio scholarships, visiting curators, mentoring programs, etc.)
  • Initiation of support programs for artists over 40 and
  • Free admission for visual artists to public museums.

A regular exchange with the actors of the visual arts in Bremen takes place in the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Künstler*innenförderung” (Working Group for the Promotion of Artists). Here, current ideas, problems and fields of work are developed with representatives of the Güterbahnhof Bremen / Areal für Kunst und Kultur association, the Hochschule für Künste Bremen, the Künstlerinnenverband Bremen/GEDOK, the Künstlerhaus Bremen, the Städtische Galerie Bremen and the Senator für Kultur.

In 2015, a group from BBK Bremen, GEDOK, HfK and Künstlerhaus Bremen published the paper, “Proposals for the development of artist funding in Bremen,” whose necessary demand has already been partially implemented with the support of the Senator for Culture in Bremen.

The BBK Bremen is also actively involved in so-called “Thinking Cells” – a committee convened by the Senator for Culture. Currently, proposal guidelines for awarding the residency grants in the so-called Tobacco Quarter in Woltmershausen are particularly worth mentioning (together with the AG Künstler*innenförderung 2021).

The BBK Bremen regularly invites the cultural deputies of the Bremen parliament to discussions and exhibition openings in order to inform them about current issues for visual artists, to formulate demands with regard to professional interests and to remain in exchange.